The Amazing Flip It

Game 1– Bottle Hole Game

You can play by yourself one against one or team against team .

Rules – Every bottle flipper get 4 tosses. The object is get the bottle in each hole, land on the bottom of the bottle and on the cap both on and off the Board. The first to complete it wins!

Game 2 – 21 Point Game

The object is to get 21 points first. If you go over – You start over!

Small Hole – 6 points
Large Hole 4 points

Land on the Cap on the Board 5 points
Land on the Bottom on the Board 2 points
Land on the Cap off the Board 3 points, on the bottom 1 point.

Play by yourself , One against one or team against team. Each player gets four tosses.

Game 3 – Tail Gate or Party Game

One person is the instructor. There can be any amount of players. The instructor gives different challenges. The last bottle flipper to complete the toss is eliminated. The winner is the last standing. NAME YOUR PRIZE!

Game 4 – Flip It

There can be any amount of players. The first player tosses the bottle in
either hole or on the Bottom of bottle or the Cap. Each other player gets four tosses to make what ever the toss was. If they fail they get the letter F. What ever players spells Flip It first loses.

You can also be creative and make up you own game! Feel free to shoot us an email or reach out to us on social media and let us know!